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Reasons Schools Choose Epoxy Flooring

August 1, 2022

Resinous floors are up to the task. They are hardy and easy to maintain.

School flooring takes lots of abuse, with hundreds of students making their way up and down the halls. It can get dirty very quickly and harbor many germs and bacteria. Therefore, these learning institutions require a robust material to withstand their demands.

Resinous floors are up to the task. They are hardy and easy to maintain. Here are a few reasons why epoxy floors are an excellent option for schools.

Hygienic flooring

It’s essential to protect the school community from disease-causing organisms. In these close quarters, illnesses can spread quickly, putting many people at risk.

Epoxy flooring consists of an antimicrobial component that can prevent the growth of harmful microbes. This component ensures that the facility’s floors are as germ-free as possible.

Durable flooring

While students might not care much about the type of floor under their feet, this is an essential question for management. But, first, they need to find a durable solution, especially given the demanding nature of a school corridor.

Floors made of rubber, tiles, or carpets might look good initially, but they soon wear away. These materials aren’t as capable of withstanding unusual wear patterns in the same way that epoxy can. That means the school management will have to spend more money repairing and replacing damaged floors.

Epoxy has shown itself to be a durable material that can handle constant foot traffic.

Outside the classroom

Aside from classrooms, educational establishments also house various facilities such as cafeterias, gymnasiums, and bathrooms. These areas are prone to spills and water damage.

Epoxy provides a resilient, waterproof floor that can easily be cleaned and maintained. Unlike other types of flooring, it does not have a porous surface, which means that spills can’t seep through and cause a foul odor. Its nonporous nature makes it ideal for keeping the surface clean and odor-free.

Flooring technicians are experts at installing epoxy flooring in various educational facility areas, such as shower blocks and toilets. Its antimicrobial properties have helped keep these areas clean and hygienic.

Chemical and grease resistant

Epoxy is a high-performance synthetic floor coating that can withstand harsh chemicals and detergents. It’s ideal for use in university laboratories where chemical spills may occur. The flooring is also beneficial in kindergartens, where young children enjoy playing with markers, paint, and Play-Doh.

Additionally, these flooring systems can withstand varying levels of chemicals without showing signs of pitting, staining, or deterioration. Finally, its ability to resist fats and grease makes it an ideal choice for school kitchens and cafeterias.

Transform the school

A well installed floor system can make a big difference in the appearance of an educational facility. Contact our team today to learn more about how an epoxy floor system can improve the quality of the school’s environment.

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