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How Durable is an Epoxy Flooring for Your Garage?

March 11, 2021


People often search for things to improve the appearance and functionality of their garage. One of the most common recommendations they may receive is installing an epoxy floor. These floors can be an excellent investment because they look great and protect the concrete from damage. But, how durable are they?

Let’s discuss the various durability benefits of a garage epoxy floor.

How durable are epoxy floors?

In terms of durability, an epoxy floor is among the best-performing flooring solutions. Such surfaces resist scratches, cracks, stains, and chemical spills. But the main benefit that makes epoxy a smart choice is the hard bond it creates with concrete. The connection provides a solid floor that’s much more long-lasting than regular concrete.

Moreover, epoxy floors are not only great for regular garages. They also work terrific for heavy-duty industries, and here’s why:

Epoxy floors can withstand heavy traffic

An epoxy floor can endure various high-traffic locations. It won’t crack under pressure from all the activity, such as foot, vehicle, and heavy equipment (think forklift) traffic. As a result, having a surface that can withstand constant use from people and machines crossing it is a great convenience.

Conversely, many other floors experience wear and tear because of high traffic and require constant recoating and waxing. Fortunately, epoxy coatings are both durable and low maintenance.

Epoxy flooring doesn’t crumble under heavyweight

Not only is epoxy flooring a perfect match for high-traffic zones, but it’s also an outstanding solution for areas with weighty objects. It can withstand vast machines crossing them without scratching or denting. For this reason, epoxy flooring is used in fire departments, airport hangars, hospitals, and other places with large equipment.

In most cases, epoxy floors’ flexural strength exceeds 10,000 psi. But for homeowners who require even more protection, several topcoat coatings add even more protection to a surface and provide greater abrasion resistance. If you’re unsure whether a stronger surface is necessary, contact a flooring expert to assess the area and determine how durable the garage floor needs to be.

Epoxy flooring stands up to massive impact

The enduring heavy impact is another strong suit of epoxy flooring. It can take quite a beating, such as equipment being dragged on top of it or large materials dropped onto the surface. The flooring resists damage, dents, or scratching in those scenarios.

Epoxy flooring is the way to go!

If durability is one of the main demands you need in a garage floor, there’s nothing wrong with an epoxy floor. The investment will protect the surface from all sorts of impact and harm. Best of all, it requires minimal maintenance and enhances the look of the entire room.

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