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Is Painting a Garage Floor a Good Idea?

April 19, 2021


When homeowners consider refurbishing a house by replacing floors, some fail to recognize how vital the garage floor is in this process. While these floors are perfectly capable of lasting for years with only the bare concrete base as support, sealing them in with epoxy or acrylic paint can help keep the garage more clean and organized and extend its life.

Here are the benefits of painting garage floors.

Keeps dust away

Concrete is a very uneven surface once it dries, and every small dent is a perfect spot for loose dust particles to settle. No matter how much the garage is cleaned, any loose dust particles that settle on the floor are hard to get out from concrete.

Less dust

When it’s unpainted, the garage floor also generates its own dust. The porous concrete particles turn into a fine powder over time, and the minute particles can settle on other items in the garage given time and air circulation conditions. Painting the floor seals the concrete and prevents more dust from forming and ruining a car’s finish.

Keeps the area clean and sleek

Regardless of the paint type used, a sealed garage floor looks much more appealing and is easier to maintain. The smooth finish withstands water and oil spills better and is much easier to clean. Additionally, modern paints come in various patterns, colors, and textures, allowing for a remarkable degree of customization.

Prevents accidents and makes changes easier

Untreated concrete is not water- or oil-resistant. If water spills onto the floor, it will be absorbed, then resurface and slowly evaporate, which takes time and makes the surface slippery. However, oil is assimilated into the concrete and changes the chemical structure of the floor. If the floor is coated, the concrete will sweat out the oil, cause bulges, and degrade the paint faster. This means the floor will need to be removed and repoured, then coated to remove the contaminated areas.

Better resale value

If the garage floor is painted, it presents a better first impression to potential buyers. While this is not an essential maintenance task, it provides positive insight to the potential buyer into how the house, overall, has been maintained. It can fetch a higher price on the market because minor home upgrades don’t lose their value and magnify the overall quality when taken as a whole.

Types of garage floor paint

The most common garage floor paint types are acrylic and epoxy coats.

Acrylics provide decent water and mold protection but don’t fare well against oil or acid spills. It is a cheaper option that provides a minimum level of protection but is still miles better than bare flooring.

Epoxy paints come as 1-part or 2-part epoxy coats. The main advantage over acrylics is its durability and resistance to shock and punctures. Epoxy can withstand water and oil spills and comes in textures that make it slip-resistant.

When to paint the garage floor

If you’re wondering about which option works best for the garage, contact a professional garage floor service technician for help. These technicians can provide advice, give quotes, and can guide you through the process.

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