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How to Clean Garage Floor Oil Stains

February 12, 2021


There are several advantages of parking a vehicle in the garage. It provides a safe and secure space for automobiles and power tools. However, keeping cars, the lawnmower, and other similar equipment in the garage makes the garage floor susceptible to oil stains. These unsightly spots make the floor appear dirty and messy. 

Garage floors are generally made from concrete, which is a porous material. It soaks up any oil drip or leaks like a sponge, leaving tough-to-clean stains. It is essential to remove these oil stains as soon as they are spotted to keep the garage floor clean and ensure it lasts longer.

There are various ways to clean garage floor stains, and their size and age determine the time and effort required to clean them. 

Pre clean-up tips

Here are a few steps to take before cleaning any oil stains on the garage floor:

  • It is critical to fix the source of oil leaks or drips before applying any cleaning method.

  • Remove all the possessions from the area surrounding the stain to prevent obstructions during the cleaning process. 

  • Sweep the area to remove any dirt, debris, or grime. 

  • Keep the garage door open.

Once the area is sufficiently prepared, it is time to begin cleaning. Let’s look at a few proven methods to clean garage floor oil stains:

Clay cat litter

Before cleaning oil stains, it is essential to absorb oil from the surface to prevent the concrete from soaking it. Use clay cat-litter or any other absorbent meant for automotive liquids. Pour and spread the absorbent over the leak and let it sit for a few hours if the stain is small and fresh, or a couple of days for older and bigger stains. Sweep up the litter with a broom and scrub the area clean with a brush and liquid dish soap. Rinse the space with water to clean the stain.

Powdered laundry soap

Recent or fresh spills are easy to remove with dry detergent powder. Take warm water and make it soapy by mixing a generous amount of detergent. Pour the soapy mixture on the stain to completely cover it. Spread dry laundry powder over it for better results and let it sit there for some time. Use a strong-bristled brush to scrub the stain and leave it for a couple of minutes. Take a garden hose or pressure washer to rinse the area. Repeat the process for severe stains.


Experts recommend commercial degreasers for old, stubborn oil stains that cover a large area. Degreasers are available at a local hardware store and are an expensive but effective option. Spread it on the surface for some time to loosen up the oil, and then scrub and rinse the grime away to get rid of the stain. 

Other methods

Using Coca-Cola, baking soda, poultice, WD-40 solvent, or a mixture of sawdust and paint thinner has also worked effectively to clean oil stains.

Invest in regular vehicle maintenance, or upgrade to grease and oil stain-resistant garage flooring options like epoxy flooring to prevent stains from happening. 

It is difficult but not impossible to clean garage floor oil stains. The longer a stain is allowed to sit on the concrete surface, the more challenging it is to get rid of it. Pick any method mentioned above to keep the garage floor looking its best.

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