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How to Select Epoxy Flooring Options

April 2, 2022

Epoxy floors have become increasingly popular due to the surface’s durability and ease of application. Knowing how to select epoxy flooring options from the many choices available can be challenging, but there are ways to narrow the choices down.

Here are some ways to determine which particular epoxy flooring option to pick.

Balancing the budget and future costs

As with any home or office improvement, having a budget can simplify the selection process. Considering other associated costs like maintenance and longevity is essential if a particular epoxy flooring is desirable but beyond budget. Some epoxy floors may require higher initial investments but have lower maintenance costs in the long run.

Epoxy flooring types

Epoxy coating is ideal for both concrete and wooden floors. Some products are water-based, while others use solvents. Not all epoxy floor coatings require the same application process, affecting the length of time it takes to perform the work.

It’s best to consult with professional flooring services to know which type best suits a particular area and how long it will take to apply.

Determining installation location

Not all epoxy flooring types are suitable for outdoors. Some brands will deteriorate if exposed to sunlight, significantly lessening the longevity of your flooring.

Outside weather can also be a problem for places that experience a lot of rain. Epoxy floors may be waterproof, but they can also become very slippery when wet. This may increase the chances of accidents for both the elderly and young children. Make sure to select a suitable location before deciding whether or not to apply epoxy floor coating.

Amount of activity

Although epoxy floors are tough, the amount of foot traffic the area will get should also be considered. Some brands of epoxy flooring are more resistant to scratching, making it ideal for places that see a lot of activity. Some types are resistant to oils and chemicals and are perfect for garages.

Choosing the right style

Because the application of epoxy flooring is a versatile process, many aesthetic choices are available. Trying to choose a coating that matches the style of the building is also an excellent way to narrow down one’s options.

Choosing the right flooring service

Ultimately, it’s crucial to find a reliable, professional flooring service to perform the job. No matter how tough epoxy flooring can be, improper installation will lead to it deteriorating faster than usual. Avoid unnecessary headaches and maintenance costs by choosing a competent and professional flooring service to install the epoxy flooring.

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