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Reasons to Hire a Professional to Do an Epoxy Floor Coating

November 1, 2021

Epoxy coating can make any garage floor more appealing and durable. However, DIY installation is not advised. The only way to reap the benefits of this home improvement project is to hire a seasoned garage floor company.

In this entry, we’ll list the reasons why you should get a professional to apply an epoxy floor coating.

Ensuring correct floor preparation

The main reason why most DIY epoxy floor projects fail is improper floor preparation. Before applying epoxy to a concrete garage floor, the surface must be free from oil, wax, and other contaminants. Removing the substances usually requires powerful chemicals designed for quick concrete stripping. It’s also necessary to seal the process using concrete grinders.

Understanding the role of humidity

Humidity can compromise epoxy’s ability to bond with the floor, which is why it needs to be removed prior to the application. Again, DIY moisture extraction is bound to fail. Only a professional has the proper tools to perform this job and avoid epoxy that doesn’t adhere to the surface.

Correct epoxy mixing

Most homeowners have limited knowledge when it comes to mixing epoxy. Inadequate mixtures lead to adhesion problems because the substance can’t harden sufficiently, and the floor will need to be re-coated sooner rather than later.

Suitable primer

The experts will choose the right primer for the floor’s substrate. It guarantees stronger bonds and a more durable finish. Otherwise, the epoxy won’t last nearly as long because it won’t adhere properly to the flooring.

Even application

Trained professionals will apply the entire coating evenly, including any decorative chips that enhance the floor’s appearance. They’ll also install a seamless topcoat to deliver a high-quality surface that will retain its shine for years to come.

Longevity and durability

In most cases, DIY epoxy floor coating only lasts for a few years before it flakes, cracks, or turns yellow. Addressing these imperfections isn’t easy, as you’ll need to strip the original coat and apply a new one. By contrast, epoxy installed by expert garage floor contractors can last for up to 20 years without deterioration. 

Dependable warranties

If the owner applies a defective epoxy coating, recouping the investment is virtually impossible. On the other hand, even if the professionals provide an inadequate installation, it’ll be covered by a comprehensive warranty.

Failure to do these jobs correctly can result in significant problems. To avoid this scenario, hire a reliable epoxy coating specialist for your garage. They have the knowledge and tools necessary to create and pour a high-quality coating. They’ll thoroughly prepare the surface for the application to prevent problems down the line. 

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