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Reasons Why You Should Not Consider DIY Epoxy Floor Coating

September 1, 2021


Epoxy floor coating is among the most popular garage flooring solutions. It’s durable, shiny, and requires little maintenance. However, many steps have to be completed perfectly to avoid any problems down the road.

This article explains why DIY epoxy floor coating isn’t the best option.

Floors start to peel

Epoxy can peel from the floors for several reasons. Improper epoxy preparation is often the primary reason behind the issue. Fluctuating temperature or humidity levels while applying the epoxy can cause it to peel as well.

Improper concrete flooring preparation can also cause epoxy floors to peel. It’s essential to clean the floor of all debris, grease, and oil before applying the epoxy. Otherwise, the epoxy pulls away from the floor as it cures, causing round holes. In addition, the floor needs to be adequately prepared as epoxy doesn’t respond well to a smooth surface. Grinding is the best solution, but this part is best done by professionals.

Moisture builds up under the coating

If the concrete is moist, or there’s a noticeable temperature difference between the floor and epoxy, moisture can build up underneath the coating. The floors need to be dried out entirely after they’re etched with acid to prevent this issue. Typically, homeowners should wait at least 24 hours before applying the epoxy.

The moisture also causes pressure that leads the epoxy to separate from the concrete. Performing regular moisture tests can help avoid similar problems.

Air bubbles

Epoxy air bubbles can appear if the coating application occurred under direct sunlight or cold temperature. Occasionally, it can happen on a floor that’s too porous. In the latter case, proper floor preparation before an epoxy application can prevent this potential problem.

Air bubbles also appear if the epoxy wasn’t mixed properly. Mixing too fast can trap the air inside the coating. Be sure to follow the mixing instructions to the fullest to ensure a proper mixture.

Changing color

The epoxy floor coating color might be inconsistent if the epoxy wasn’t properly mixed. Grease or oil can also cause the problem. Purchasing different kits can have color variations in batches, resulting in an off-looking color. If one batch sits under the UV light for too long, it can also alter its color.

Not enough product

Retail epoxy kits from home improvement stores typically don’t cover much space. For example, a 370 square foot garage needs more than one kit labeled at 400 square feet. Homeowners often stretch the product to cover the floor completely, but it usually results in a thin coating that’s not hard enough.

Prevent epoxy floor coating problems

Applying epoxy floor coating on your own may seem like a good idea, but it is rife with potential problems. Unless you can ensure a properly prepared floor and mix the materials perfectly, it’s best to contact professional epoxy floor coating services. They know precisely how much epoxy will be needed to cover your garage space and ensure all conditions are adequately met when applying the coating.

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