How to Maintain Epoxy Flooring

July 1, 2023

Epoxy flooring is loved by residential and commercial property owners alike. It is easy to install, durable, and hard-wearing and can help concrete surfaces last longer. Epoxy flooring is popular as it requires low maintenance, can withstand heavy use, and resist stains, moisture, and chemicals. However, even though epoxy flooring has higher resilience, it needs some maintenance to retain its original shine and luster for longer, perform as it should, and maximize its lifespan. 

A new epoxy flooring involves a significant investment. Here are some maintenance tips to maximize such an investment:

Allow the floors to cure properly

Using improper cleaning products can damage the epoxy flooring and shorten its lifespan.

First, ensure that the floors cure fully. The time needed for the epoxy coating to cure will depend on temperature and concrete condition. Epoxy flooring usually needs at least 24 hours to cure before allowing foot traffic and 48 hours before moving heavy objects. 

Ensure regular cleaning

Dirt and dust accumulation can scratch and damage the surface and shorten the life of epoxy flooring. The best way to keep this flooring in good condition is to clean it regularly with a broom or a vacuum to keep the floors free of dirt and grit. The cleaning frequency will vary with how much dirt and grit the people track onto the floor. Periodic deep cleaning is also essential to prevent permanent damage and keep the floor clean.

Spot clean when necessary

Property owners should clean any liquid spill as and when they appear to prevent safety hazards and protect the floor finish from damage. When not cleaned promptly, liquids like acids, caustics, and harsh solvents can damage the floor coating. Epoxy flooring is water resistant, which makes it easier to clean liquid spills. 

Scrub weekly

Another way to maintain epoxy flooring is to scrub it once a week using an appropriate brush and cleaning agent or a mechanized scrubber. Scrub more frequently in high-traffic areas. Scrubbing, when done right, helps eliminate mild to stubborn stains.

Use appropriate cleaning products

Using improper cleaning products can damage the epoxy flooring and shorten its lifespan. Soap-based and acid-based cleaners, including citrus or vinegar, harsh cleaners, and stiff-bristled brushes, can impact the glossy coating and make the floor slippery. Ammonia and water are the best cleaners for epoxy flooring.

Ensure timely repairs

If the epoxy flooring has experienced any damage, it is advisable to repair the damaged area as soon as possible. Stay careful while moving any heavy object on the flooring, and avoid dropping heavy or sharp objects as they can cause cuts and gouges, allowing water to penetrate and peel off the coating. 

Use mats to protect the floor

Another popular way to keep the epoxy flooring shiny and well-maintained is to place mats at all entrances to prevent dirt and grime from tracking inside. They act as an extra protective layer, especially in areas with furniture or heavy equipment that can scratch or damage the flooring. 

Preserve the epoxy floor

Every property owner would want their epoxy flooring to stay clean and beautiful. Use the above tips to keep your epoxy flooring looking its best for longer. Contact a local epoxy floor expert for more information on maintaining epoxy flooring.

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