How to Care for Indoor Concrete Floors

June 1, 2023

While the main benefit of selecting these floors is their durability, home residents still must care for and clean them properly to extend their lifespan.

Concrete floors have become a sophisticated material that homeowners adopt. While the main benefit of selecting these floors is their durability, home residents still must care for and clean them properly to extend their lifespan. Depending on the finish of the concrete floor, here are the best ways to maintain them:


Painted concrete floors can be sealed or unsealed. In both cases, they are more delicate than other alternatives. A mild all-purpose product mixed with water is best when cleaning these floors. After removing dirt and debris with a broom or vacuum, homeowners can use a microfiber mop to wet the floors with the cleaning solution. Too much moisture may cause the paint to peel if the floor is unsealed, so it’s best to use moderate water and air-dry the floors afterward.


Unsealed concrete floors are usually used in garages and exteriors. Since stains from this flooring are hard to remove, it’s best to use a pressure washer or a stiff-bristled broom. Using a water and trisodium phosphate solution is also helpful to scrub the surface and remove difficult stains. Once the floor is free of stains, use the pressure washer to remove the cleaning products.


Sealed concrete floors aren’t porous, which makes them easy to clean. Using a broom or a vacuum is the best alternative to remove dust or debris. In the case of liquid or sticky fluids, they can be removed with a mop and a solution made of water and dishwashing liquid.


Cleaning stained concrete floors is quite simple. Don’t use bleach or ammonia; these products are too abrasive and will damage the floor surface. Instead, mix dish soaps, mild floor cleaners, or stone cleaners with water. Mop the floor with the cleaning solution to remove any superficial stains, then mop it again with only water to rinse the cleaning product.


Of all the concrete floor varieties, polished concrete floors are the easiest to clean because they never need to be resealed. To care for this kind of floor, homeowners can use a broom or vacuum to remove dust from the surface. Mopping the floors with water and a polished concrete floor cleaner is an excellent alternative for thorough cleaning.

Well-kept floors last longer

Concrete floors are a stylish alternative to incorporate as a home’s interior flooring. However, some options are more delicate than others, and their maintenance must be done carefully. Homeowners must contact a professional flooring company if the concrete floor shows signs of permanent damage. An expert can provide helpful advice on the best alternatives to fix any issue that may arise and make the necessary repairs and maintenance recommendations.

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