A Simple Guide to Choosing the Right Epoxy Flooring Color

March 1, 2023

Epoxy is one of the most popular solutions for garage floors.

Epoxy is one of the most popular solutions for garage floors. It’s durable, resistant to chemicals, and requires minimal maintenance.

However, choosing the right color can generate even more value from an epoxy floor. Here are some tips for finding a suitable shade:

Consider the lighting of the garage

The color of the epoxy flooring must complement the garage, but the way to do so largely depends on the lighting. The place may already have a lot of lighting coming in from the outside, so avoiding bright colors is a good decision.

For instance, bright garages shouldn’t have light epoxy flooring colors and metallic sealers because they reflect a lot of light. It would make the place even more luminous.

In contrast, light colors perfectly match garages with minimal natural lighting. These shades make the place stand out by reflecting any light coming from the outside. Plus, they reduce the need to install many bulbs, resulting in significant cost savings.

Don’t forget about the use of the garage

Another essential consideration when picking an epoxy color is the garage’s use.

For example, many homeowners process wood in their garages, which creates massive amounts of sawdust. In that case, choosing a color similar to sawdust is essential. It disguises the mess to preserve the aesthetics of the place.

Alternatively, shades of slate or black are an excellent decision for everyday use. They go a long way in masking grease and tire marks left by vehicles.

Location is equally important when considering the perfect shade for an epoxy floor. Homes on the beach or surrounded by light-colored soil would benefit from a similarly light shade to mask any debris trekked from the outside.

Think about maintenance requirements

As previously mentioned, epoxy flooring is easy to maintain. However, specific colors can make the job more challenging.

Like with other types of flooring, if the finish is light, it’s easier to see dirt. As a result, cleaning these colors requires a lot of time and energy. Lighter shades are acceptable if the owner doesn’t mind having a maintenance-intensive color.

On the other hand, those who’d rather avoid cleaning epoxy floors practically every day should choose a darker shade. They disguise any mess more effectively, minimizing its maintenance requirements.

Consider matching the home’s color

When choosing a flooring color, garage owners should pick a shade that complements the rest of the property. Colors that go with the home’s scheme can balance and connect the overall look.

Consult a licensed garage floor expert

Contacting a garage floor specialist is the most reliable way to find an appropriate epoxy flooring color. They can examine the garage and surrounding elements while discussing the owner’s plans to determine a suitable shade.

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