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Reasons You Must Consider Epoxy Flake Flooring for Your Phoenix, AZ Garage

October 28, 2020


If you’re looking for the perfect garage floor, look no further than epoxy flake flooring. Vinyl and epoxy are combined to make a random design that looks beautiful, like marble or granite. Having the right garage floor is vital for storing a car and other valuables, so don’t skimp on lousy flooring.

Here are some of the reasons why an epoxy flake blend is ideal for a garage floor.


When mixed, vinyl and epoxy flake can provide a design that looks strikingly similar to marble, granite, or quartz while delivering all the protective benefits that your garage floor needs to remain functional.

There are plenty of color combinations to choose from, allowing the epoxy to blend in with any aesthetic choice you had in mind for the garage’s look.

Additionally, the epoxy adds a smooth finish to the floor, going over any imperfections that can occur after troweling concrete.

Economical and durable

An epoxy flake blend is a durable coating solution. Unlike paints that are spread to dry, epoxy is a thermosetting resin that cures, providing a stable, permanent coat. A coat can last for far longer than a simple concrete floor and is easily maintained and replaced if needed.

Dust and spill resistance

Because epoxy is a topping coat, it is naturally dust resistant – most dust forms as a powder that falls off bare concrete. Because the concrete floor is sealed below the topcoat, there will be no dust to clean up.

Furthermore, epoxy is naturally moisture-resistant because its curing process makes it permanently stick together. Epoxy is especially useful for potential flooding and any spills that might happen in a garage. Any spills are easily removed with some water and soap, allowing for simple cleaning.

Slip resistance

Some epoxy flake coats can be slippery when wet, usually depending on the color and design chosen for the task. While this is not a problem for our arid climate, if you want to make sure accidents don’t happen, blending the coating with a slip-resistant aggregate will offer additional protection.

Easy maintenance

When the epoxy floor coating gets cracked or damaged, it’s incredibly easy to repair. Cracks can be scored with a special blade and cleaned up, then filled with more epoxy to seal in the coating properly. The expandable epoxy will ensure that all the holes are filled, and the repaired part of the epoxy flake is resistant to future cracks.

Installing epoxy flake flooring will allow you to enjoy spending time in the garage, and the color pattern will make sure that each part feels unique yet consistent. The coating is perfect for driving, so rest assured that there won’t be any damage to cars while driving it in or out of the garage.

A functional and attractive floor will also add value to a house, so epoxy flake flooring is a great way to improve a home affordably. Make sure to ask your epoxy flooring contractor to install it.

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