Garage Gym Flooring Options

Ryan Haines
October 1, 2023

The floor is a vital aspect of every gym, becoming even more essential in a home setup. A correct layout ensures residents have sufficient space to exercise and place their equipment.

Please keep reading to discover some of the garage gym flooring options available.

Epoxy flooring

Homeowners who want a durable and easy-to-clean surface should apply this treatment to their home gym surface. It’ll be easy to tackle the sweat and grease that build up on these surfaces during exercise. It also adds some shine to the garage floor and extra protection due to its high performance. This option is excellent for homeowners who keep their car in the garage or use it as a kids’ play area.

But these floors require caution when wet as they can be slippery. This also makes them inappropriate for hot weather environments. Installing these floors can inconvenience some homeowners as the epoxy takes some time to cure.

Rubberized flooring

Rubberized flooring is highly durable, which makes it ideal for high foot-traffic areas. When properly installed, it helps homeowners elevate their garage look. Unlike the epoxy option, this comes in various designs to meet different needs and requirements. They also feature different thicknesses, with the thinnest coating ideal for garage gym surfaces.

Homeowners who have invested in heavy equipment and weights should settle for this option. This flooring is quick to install and clean. However, it costs significantly more than the epoxy coating. Rubberized flooring is also quite bulky, making it challenging to move around. It can also affect homeowners suffering from respiratory allergies due to its petroleum odor.

Interlocking tiles

This option is ideal for both home and commercial gyms. Homeowners can pick between rubber and foam types; the former suits heavy-weight exercises, while the latter is an excellent choice for light activities. The best feature of this flooring option is the tiny sizes that they come in. They allow players to customize the size of their workout space easily without having to resize them. This is great, especially for small-sized garages.

Rubber rolls

These flooring mats come in lengthy sizes of up to 50 feet per unit. They are typically used in large gyms as they are highly cost-effective. However, most cheap rubber rolls aren’t ideal for a home workout space. Residents may have to spend more to get quality rubber roll flooring for their garage gym.

Transform the garage floor into an ideal workout space

The choice of garage gym flooring depends on the type of exercise residents want to perform. Residents who are unsure about which option to select should consult an expert. These garage floor technicians will ensure homeowners have a fantastic home gym layout that is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Quick Response Garage Floor Coating offers epoxy, flake, solid, stain, and specialty flooring options to Phoenix Valley residential and commercial clients. Call us today for a free estimate at 602-428-8626.

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