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Polyaspartic floor coating installation is a relatively straightforward process but requires specialized tools and experience.

There are six steps to correctly install polyaspartic floor coatings.

  1. The first step is diamond grinding, which removes surface imperfections.
  2. We then employ an industrial vacuum to blow out any remaining microdust, dust, or debris particles to ensure a smooth final product.
  3. Minor cracks and divots are repaired, after which the first coat of polyaspartic is applied.
  4. If the customer has selected colored chips, they are applied. Drying time can be anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the weather conditions.
  5. The excess chips are then sanded, scraped, and vacuumed before we apply a clear polyaspartic topcoat.
  6. Once the floor dries, it is ready for use and to be enjoyed!
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