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Why Opt For Epoxy Floor Coating?

May 31, 2020

Floors play a crucial role in every commercial, residential, or industrial building. Most buildings have a bare concrete surface for a garage floor put in place by the builder. Over time, the concrete surface starts to look shabby due to the damage caused by wear and tear. If you wish to have a garage floor that is durable, strong, customizable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain, epoxy flooring is perfect for you. This flooring is also widely used within many industrial and commercial applications, where floors are exposed to very harsh conditions. 


Epoxy flooring has grown in popularity as it makes the plain old concrete floor more attractive and durable. Also known as resinous flooring, epoxy coating is made by mixing resins and hardeners. They react chemically to form a rigid plastic material which can be laid on the top of concrete substrate for decoration and protection.

Why choose epoxy flooring?

Here are some of the best reasons to choose epoxy floor coatings over the traditional surfaces:

Aesthetic and appearance

Epoxy flooring offers an elegant look. It helps in hiding any defects on the floor surface and complements the lighting you have in place. Epoxy floors give a high gloss shining and are available in a variety of colors and styles to fit your specific style.

Easy to maintain

The non-porous finish of epoxy doesn’t absorb liquids. If something (liquid, oil, chemicals) spills on the floor, you simply need to wipe and clean the area. Dirt and dust can also be easily mopped clean. This protects the floor from stains. Epoxy can also withstand UV damage, which means that the flooring won’t fade and will look like new for years. 

Improves safety

Epoxy flooring is resistant to slippage, heat, fire, and extreme impact. The high gloss effect improves brightness and visibility inside the garage. They are hygienic and resistant to bacteria.

Strong and durable

Made from sturdy materials, the hard and durable surface of this type of flooring can withstand heavy and continuous traffic. The epoxy coating protects the concrete floors from cracks, moisture, stains, and grease and acts as a waterproof adhesive. This gives epoxy flooring a longer lifespan and saves your floor repair expenses.

Easy to install

An experienced professional can quickly and efficiently apply an epoxy coating over new or old concrete floors as it is a self-leveling material. Also, the floor is ready to use as soon as the application is finished since there are no harmful chemicals, and the floor is free of toxic evaporation.


Epoxy is an affordable flooring option and can match up to all consumer budgets. It is durable and resilient and lasts longer and has a minimum or no keep-up costs. 

Chemically resistant

This flooring is resistant to continuous exposure to chemicals. The density and depth of the layering protect it from chemical seepage. Spilled chemicals can be cleaned without causing any damage to the epoxy coating. 

Epoxy flooring is a robust eco-friendly option that lasts for many years. It is best for garages and basements, offering an attractive and highly durable finish.

Quick Response Garage Floor Coating offers epoxy, flake, solid, stain, and specialty flooring options to Phoenix Valley residential and commercial clients. Call us today for a free estimate at (602) 428-8626.

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