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Why Does My Garage Smell?

June 30, 2020

Pet smells, garbage and oil spills can all contribute to the odor in a garage.

Pet smells, garbage and oil spills can all contribute to the odor in a garage.

A garage is one place in the house that is a home for cars, storage for pet and garden supplies, and a place to perform carpentry or fix things. But, when a garage starts to stink, it becomes a place a family wants to avoid.

The causes of garage odors should be managed to avoid unpleasant smells from taking over the garage or becoming imbued on the garage floor.

Recycling and Trash Cans

Trash and recycle cans contribute to the garage odor. The waste inside warms and decomposes it emits smelly fumes. The smell will permeate the car and other objects in the garage, making it less desirable and less inviting.

Regular management of trash via tightly sealed bags prevents waste from sticking to the inner trash can surface making cleaning manageable. Washing and scrubbing the bins and cans with water and liquid soap will significantly reduce the stench. Once dried, spreading newspaper at the bottom of the can and generous sprinkling of baking soda works wonderfully to reduce future odor. This whole practice should be repeated every few weeks for the best results.

Mold or Mildew

Moisture retention on the garage floor and walls may cause it to smell like wet socks. A prolonged state of mold may cause mold to spread further and become tougher. 

Cleaning the floor and walls with bleach and water will reduce the smell. Ensure the garage remains open throughout the cleaning and is closed only after it has air-dried to reduce lingering bleach fumes. 

Adding epoxy garage floor coating will save time and effort in cleaning the garage floor, and may eliminate the problem if the walls aren’t involved. Epoxy garage coatings are resistant to all types of stains and spills and remain unaffected by temperature fluctuations and chemicals. They are easy to clean and do not require recoating for years, making them highly desirable to garage owners. Epoxy floor coating providers offer a variety of colors and textures that add to the garage’s aesthetics. 

Pet Litter, Bedding and Kennels

If pet litter remains unmanaged, it gives out a horrible odor to the area. So, daily cleaning is the minimal requirement to keep odors down. Regular washing of pet bedding and hosing of kennels may reduce the smell. 

Treat Oil Spills

Old, untreated oil spills make fumes inside the garage, and leaving them allows the stink to settle permanently. Applying sawdust, coconut husks, kitty litter, or any other oil-absorbing product on the stain and letting it sit for 24 hours may loosen it before scrubbing the stain with soap and water afterward.


Throwing away paints, chemicals, oils, spray bottles, etc. that have expired or turned bad may prevent them from adding to the stench. Discarding will not only help keep the air breathable but will also make the garage safer.

Hiring professional services that specialize in garage related tasks can prove significant in epoxy garage floor coating and maintenance for desired results. 

High-rated epoxy floor service providers use quality products and tools and educate consumers regarding garage floor options, cabinets, storage, and other customized services.

Quick Response Garage Floor Coating offers epoxy, flake, solid, stain, and specialty flooring options to Phoenix Valley residential and commercial clients. Call us today for a free estimate at (602) 428-8626.

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