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Top 10 Reasons for the Popularity of Polished Concrete

A polished concrete floor is the ultimate no-wax alternative to traditional flooring materials. With the proper equipment and experience, professional concrete polishing contractors can transform any surface into a high-gloss finish. These floors are durable and can work in residential and commercial spaces.

Here are the benefits of polished concrete floors:

No dusting and efflorescence requirement

Untreated concrete is solid but prone to chemical reactions and damage, such as salt migration. This causes dusting, which damages epoxies and other surface coatings. Polishing the concrete resolves this problem.


The porous nature of concrete makes it prone to various problems such as water damage and oil contamination. Polishing seals the surface, enabling the floor to repel oil, water, and other substances.

Better ambient light

Superior ambient light can improve the appearance of a room and reduce its energy consumption. It can also make it more appealing to workers and visitors alike. Polished concrete provides better reflectivity, which enhances ambient light.

Better slip resistance

Compared to untreated concrete, polished concrete is more slip-resistant. This benefit can be enhanced through polishing with a special treatment that involves sand or glass beads.

Cost-effective maintenance

The cost of ownership of a polished concrete floor can be significantly reduced over the long term. This is because the floor does not require waxing or stripping, thus reducing the maintenance bill.

VOC-free and LEED compliant

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a serious safety concern for both the occupants and workers who use the facility. There is no need to worry about VOCs with polished concrete, making it easy to comply with the LEED guidelines.

Improve old floors

One of the most critical factors to consider to extend the life of a concrete floor is its structural strength. A polished concrete floor has excellent compressive strength and little erosion.

Reduced tire abrasions

Polished concrete is a significant investment in an area with high foot traffic. It’s durable and can withstand staining from vehicles and heavy equipment.

Minimal disruptions

Different floor coating and treatment processes have additional requirements. For instance, some paints require a certain amount of time to cure and a certain amount of time to polish, which can delay operations. They can be used with polished concrete floors as soon as they are mechanically dried.

No extensive clean-up

Most businesses put off flooring projects due to safety concerns. However, polished concrete floors can be cleaned without harsh chemicals or harmful waste products. These floors allow for cleaning projects to be completed in hours.

Leave it to the professionals

Since polished concrete and epoxy are often the preferred flooring solutions for heavy-duty industrial areas, it is essential to consult flooring experts before making a final decision.

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