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Reasons to Renovate a Garage Space

January 3, 2022

Garages are multipurpose areas mainly used for parking, extra storage, or workspaces. However, when homeowners renovate their homes, this part of the home is often overlooked. Fortunately, there are some tell-tale signs that it may be time to renovate a garage space.

This article will take a closer look at some main reasons homeowners may want to consider remodeling their garage.

Lack of space

Garages are the perfect space for extra storage, but over time are overfull, and homeowners struggle to find the needed storage space. Renovations can ensure a better-organized system is put in place. Having garage cupboards and shelves installed is an excellent solution for helping clear a garage space. In the process of renovating, the opportunity to declutter the carriage can also significantly reduce the risk of safety hazards.

Higher electricity bills

When homeowners experience a sudden rise in electricity bills, this may be a sign to investigate the garage and potentially renovate it. Poor insulation and cracks in your garage can cause an HVAC system to work twice as hard, resulting in higher electricity bills.

Increase home value

Remodeling the garage for both looks and function can go a long way to increase a home’s value and attract potential buyers. Typically, the first thing homeowners notice is the garage door. Installing a sleek-looking door improves a property’s curb appeal. Additionally, including a high-quality light system, attractive shelving, and flooring can all be great selling points for potential homebuyers.

Lack of lighting

Having good lighting in a garage isn’t only great for aesthetic purposes; it also improves overall safety. Using headlights as a source of light not only drains a car’s battery but also doesn’t provide the lighting necessary to ensure maximum safety within a garage.

Investing in a central lighting system can help avoid any potential accidents in the future.

Weak security measures

When break-ins occur, the culprits often find a way in through the garage. Unfortunately, this rings particularly true for homeowners who don’t have strong security measures in place. One way to increase security is to add CCTV cameras inside and outside the garage. In the unfortunate break-in, camera footage may make it easier for law enforcement to catch the criminals. Additionally, installing motion detector lights can also help secure a home.

Deteriorating floors

Garage floors can often take quite a beating from regular use. Hiring a professional to apply a layer of garage floor coating can help eliminate worn-down floors, stains, the appearance of cracked concrete, and more.

Time to renovate

Garages are an essential utility space in a home. Regular maintenance and renovation can help ensure functionality, home value, and, most importantly, safety. If any of the above signs are noticed, it’s worth contacting a professional renovation service for the best results.

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