How to Fix Common Epoxy Floor Coating Problems

June 10, 2021


Epoxy flooring provides a stunning, glossy finish to protect various surfaces. But since applying the material is quite tricky, many mistakes tend to occur during the treatment. Consequently, the appearance can get damaged, leaving a subpar texture. We will list the most common epoxy flooring issues and ways to avoid them.

Peeling floor

Many scenarios can result in epoxy peeling from the floor. In most cases, this occurs due to improper epoxy preparation or the application of the substance at inadequate temperatures. Excessive humidity can also be the culprit.

The easiest way to avoid peeling layers is to hire experienced epoxy flooring contractors. They’ll make sure the application goes smoothly by preparing the mixture correctly and in the right conditions. They will also remove any oil, debris, and grease from the floor. As a result, the epoxy won’t pull away from the surface and leave round holes.

Moisture buildup beneath the coating

Moisture under epoxy occurs when the concrete contains some humidity. It can also arise if there’s a dramatic difference in the temperature of substrate flooring and epoxy materials.

You can prevent this issue by ensuring the floor is completely dry between etching it with acid and applying the epoxy. Typically, professionals wait for at least a day after etching before moving on to epoxy. Otherwise, humidity in the concrete pores rises and reaches the surface of the finish.

Air bubbles under the epoxy

Another problem associated with applying epoxy at an inappropriate temperature is air bubbles. Epoxy placed on top of excessively porous concrete can develop bubbling, too.

Homeowners also experience this issue if the hardener and resin combine in the wrong proportions. Therefore, it’s vital to follow the instructions carefully.

In addition, some types of epoxy material require the combined batch to rest for a certain period. If the product hasn’t had time to sit, it may not harden and cure properly.

To avoid bubbles or blisters in the finish, have a specialist apply the coating. Trained individuals will ensure the concrete isn’t too porous or smooth while mixing the hardener and resin with great care. Moreover, they won’t rush the application but will work fast enough to prevent the mixture from curing before placing it on the floor.


Yellow or unevenly colored floors can also be a consequence of misapplication. Avoiding the problem is a must since it can lead to an unprofessional surface.

To safeguard against discoloration, experienced professionals won’t allow carbon monoxide or other harmful chemicals to react with epoxy and discolor it. Additionally, they’ll make sure the area doesn’t experience exposure to UV rays.

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