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Exploring the Concrete Resurfacing Options

June 1, 2022

Concrete structures are meant to last for a long time. However, as the concrete surfaces of the walkway, driveway, patio, pool decks, fireplace, retaining walls, and other interior or exterior surfaces age, they start looking dull, stained, and grimy due to general wear and tear and damage. 

What is concrete resurfacing?

Concrete resurfacing is an excellent option to cover up imperfections, revitalize, and bring the old, discolored, and worn-out concrete surfaces to life. Concrete resurfacing is a cost-effective and less time-consuming alternative to completely removing and replacing the existing concrete slab. It involves adding a new decorative layer after thoroughly cleaning the old concrete surface and repairing minor cracks and holes. Concrete resurfacing is best to enhance the overall appearance and lifespan of the concrete surface. Homeowners can choose from varied colors, patterns, and textures for an improved appearance.

A few popular concrete resurfacing options include:

Stamped concrete overlays

Stamped concrete overlay is a popular resurfacing option suitable for residential and commercial settings. It is often seen on outdoor concrete surfaces and is a durable and economical solution available in varied colors, designs, and patterns. Professionals create this finish by stamping or imprinting one or more patterns for a unique and visually appealing appearance. Stamped overlays can imitate brick, stone, or other similar expensive designs.

Acrylic coatings

The acrylic coating is another popular exterior concrete surface, frequently used for pool decks. It is easy to apply, protects the surface from weather elements, and offers a look based on your preference. Choose from gloss or matte finish for a perfect appearance. 

Stained concrete

Concrete staining is a simple and attractive way to enhance a concrete surface. It provides rich, vibrant, and semi-transparent color effects for a stunning visual effect. Staining concrete is affordable, increases the aesthetic value, and can be used in combination with other finishes. Water-based stains create a uniform appearance, while acid stains bring out inviting shades and produce a random effect.

Smooth concrete overlays

A smooth concrete overlay updates the appearance of the concrete surface without compromising its natural feel. Professionals lay down layers of new cement and use a finishing tool to make it smooth.

Decorative stencils

Professionals create unique designs by placing a particular pattern over the concrete surface before applying a decorative coating. Due to stencil use, some areas remain exposed while others remain blocked or hidden for a stunning look.

Micro toppings

Micro toppings consist of thin layers of polymer-modified, cement-based floor coating applied using a trowel, hopper gun attached to a compressor gun, or brush for a unique appearance. It is versatile, durable, and comes in varied colors and textures. Micro toppings offer a natural, decorative feel and should be sealed.

Saw cutting

Saw cutting creates intricate designs, including geometric shapes and grids. After the concrete hardens, professionals saw-cut it and stain it as per the homeowner’s preference. 

Concrete resurfacing is only possible on surfaces that are otherwise in good condition and not too old or extensively damaged. The cost usually depends on area size, location, and the material used. A properly executed and professionally resurfaced concrete floor can last between 8 to 15 years and, in some cases, even over 20 years. Hire a professional floor coating company to learn more about concrete resurfacing options.

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