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Epoxy Flooring Offers Allergy Sufferers a Clean Option

January 17, 2020

For anyone who wants a high level of control over the cleanliness of their flooring with a minimum of upkeep should consider epoxy flooring. While homeowners generally relegate their epoxy flooring to garages, it may be a better option for more areas of the home, particularly for those who are prone to allergies or those who need a long term solution for contaminants.

Our Valley weeds make us—achoo!

Our Valley weeds make us—achoo!

Allergy sufferers

For those who have allergies, ear, nose and throat issues, or respiratory ailments, finding ways to keep their home allergen-free is a challenge. Aside from the misery of being perpetually ill, even at home, the chronic allergy sufferer spends an excessive amount of money on medications, tissues, Neti pots, cleaners, etc.

 The problem with a home environment is that the surfaces tend to trap and contain dirt, dust, mold, and allergy-producing particulates. Carpeting, for example, is a veritable plethora of allergens that can be kicked up into the air by an air conditioner, a fan, or simply by one or more people walking into the room. 

While tile could be a solution, some tile features grout, which offers allergens and particulates niches to hide. Wood floors are much more expensive than epoxy and less durable. Laminate is slippery, and therefore not suitable for some areas where they may get wet. 

The front door is often the primary gateway for allergens to enter the home. Once a family becomes accustomed to removing their shoes at the front door, nothing more prominent than a welcome mat is required to keep the bulk of allergens at pay. Even allergens that find their way inside can be managed with a damp mop.

Ease of cleaning

One of the features of epoxy flooring is that it’s an easy to clean option, even under grimy conditions. The same easy way car fluids can be wiped away with the swipe of a damp paper towel, and epoxy floor can be cleaned under a variety of circumstances. Mold is also never a problem, making epoxy an ideal choice for areas in which a waterproof flooring is the better option.

While epoxy flooring does have limitations, it is one of the friendliest floorings available to those who have issues with allergies because it’s so easy to keep clean and robust enough to stand up to a variety of situations. 

More people with health issues are learning to think outside the box and find ways to manage and circumvent situations that exacerbate their health concerns. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the many beautiful colors and styles of epoxy flooring should be on the list of options to create a cleaner, healthier home.

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