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Epoxy Flooring is Easy for Busy Families

September 15, 2019

Many families look to epoxy flooring for the convenience and easy cleaning it provides. A front door is not just how guests and family enter a home. It is also the source of the majority of dirt entering the home. Dust and dirt come in a quiet brown tide if unstopped by mats, rugs, ‘shoe-free areas’ and so on. Frankly, it’s a pain.


At the same time, every guest who arrives on your doorstep isn’t thrilled at the idea of walking around your home without their shoes. Ellen Degeneres address this topic in her comedy special “Relevant’. She talks about how people own a favorite pair of socks, and even when they get holes in them big enough to make them look bad, they still wear them. (Not giving the jokes away!) People who have epoxy flooring don’t need to demand a shoe-free zone to keep their epoxy floor clean.

Not cleaning

American lifestyles have changed. Families are no longer willing to ask for the commitment of one person to stay at home all day and keep the house clean. It isn’t practical or fun, nor should it be necessary any longer with the materials and technology we have at our disposal. Even those who choose to remain at home have better things to do with their time than vacuuming, spot cleaning, mopping, or waxing a floor.

Messy family members are the norm


Families need a floor which is easy to clean and resists spills. The odors associated with spilling on carpeting or other porous floorings can also sometimes be an issue. When children are young, they can be a bit messy before they learn coordination. Even the most well-controlled pet will still occasionally have an accident or muddy paws. Homeowners find that the initial cost of epoxy flooring saves them years of cleaning and scolding instead of spending time fretting or settling for flooring that is less than gorgeous. Nor must they resort to floorings such as linoleum or laminate, which has to be replaced, or tile with grout, which can be a cleaning project, and has to be regrouted periodically.

Epoxy flooring makes dirt and spills easy to clean. It is a hygienic, non-slip option that families love because it will always be easy to care for and still look elegant. The expense of installation is more than made up for by the lack of time, tools, machinery, and cleaning products which other flooring options require.

Choices and benefits

The color and texture options of epoxy flooring mean that anyone can find an epoxy coating which will suit their taste and decor needs. Because epoxy is durable and attractive, it will retain its value long after the carpeting is threadbare and the laminate is scuffed. Even hardwoods and vinyl do not compare to the value of epoxy flooring. Epoxy also protects the underlying concrete from moisture and cracking. Because it is seamless, it offers excellent hygienic properties.

When a family is in the market for flooring epoxy coating is an option which is worthy of consideration. Because of the benefits it provides, it rates the extra capital outlay.

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