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Epoxy Flooring: a Smart Business Solution

July 22, 2019

Foot traffic can be savage on flooring, so it should come as no surprise that many Arizona businesses are turning to epoxy flooring to meet their needs. Epoxy provides durable flooring which will stand up to constant use and still remain attractive and clean. The gorgeous durability and easy maintenance or epoxy flooring make it an easy choice for many business applications.


Our attention to detail creates an epoxy flooring which will serve your business for years.

Our attention to detail creates an epoxy flooring which will serve your business for years.

The economics of epoxy are unbeatable. The cost per square foot is the driving reason many businesses look at epoxy flooring to solve their flooring problem. The strength of the flooring is another, as it won’t crack, chip, peel, or any of the other types of mishaps which beset other types of flooring.Since its tough and long-lasting, a business doesn’t have to pay to have someone replace a broken tile or treat a stain at every turn.

Maintenance costs

Other than the initial price of flooring, there is the additional cost of maintenance. If maintenance includes waxing, shampooing, grout cleaning, or other labor intensive practices, that should be figured into the bottom line cost of the flooring. If it needs nothing more than an occasional sweeping and wet mop, it’s epoxy flooring! Medical offices particularly appreciate epoxy flooring, because cleaning and sanitizing is a snap. Less requirement for harsh cleaning chemicals makes your business more sustainable, too.


One of the best attributes of epoxy flooring is that it consistently looks great. It’s stain, crack, scratch and chemical resistant, which makes it look clean and welcoming. In our highly competitive world, a business cannot afford to present premises which appear unkempt or neglected, as it will have a direct impact on how the business is perceived by customers, even those who spend only a short amount of time there. The last thing a business needs to worry about is public perception of their flooring. Yet, it does make a difference, even on a subconscious level. Epoxy flooring conveys the appearance of a bright-looking facility which is updated on a regular basis.

Professional installation

When you consider all of the elements of epoxy flooring, it’s hard to imagine a cleaner, more professional-looking flooring for the money. The less money a business has to spend on the facility and maintenance, the more it has to put back into the business or into the pockets of the primaries or shareholder. Epoxy flooring makes sense on so many levels. Why not schedule a free estimate to find out if epoxy coating might be the solution to your business flooring?

Quick Response Garage Floor Coating offers epoxy, flake, solid, stain, and specialty flooring options to Phoenix Valley residential and commercial clients. Call us today for a free estimate at (602) 428-8626.

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