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Are Concrete Floors Durable?

December 21, 2020


In addition to hardwood, marble, and vinyl, concrete is one of the most popular flooring solutions. The material is relatively affordable and comes with numerous features that add value to the entire house. However, how effective is it when it comes to durability?

In this article, we’ll determine how durable concrete floors truly are.

Is a concrete floor durable?

The short answer is yes. Concrete floors are incredibly durable and can last for over 50 years. However, the material requires a fair amount of maintenance since it’s porous and easily stained.

How should concrete floors be cleaned?

Considering that indoor concrete floors are usually stamped or polished, they require a gentler cleaning approach. Mix a bucket of water and mild cleaner and use a mop to spread the solution across the surface. Then, dip the mop in clean water and rinse the floor.

Using harsh cleaners such as bleach or ammonia is ill-advised. The acidic substances can damage the stamped or polished concrete floors, which is why cleaning with a mild mixture is the best way to go.

How do you prevent stains on a concrete floor?

The best strategy for making a concrete floor resistant to stains is to use a concrete sealant. Before applying the sealant to the surface, the floor first needs to be cleaned and primed.

Then, spread the concrete sealant with a paint roller. Begin from the middle section and work toward the edges. In general, this process should be done every two to three years.

Where should concrete floors be installed?

Primarily, concrete flooring should be used in the kitchen. Concrete’s durability allows it to endure heavy traffic and components like heavy appliances and furniture that kitchen floors typically face. Moreover, concrete kitchen floors are easier to clean since there are no grout lines or joints to trap spills or dirt.

Another room where concrete is an excellent choice is the bathroom. This area requires a floor that’s durable, stylish, and resistant to spills and moisture. Concrete delivers in all three areas. Additionally, concrete floors allow for radiant heating, making the bathroom comfortable for bare feet.

Finally, consider installing a concrete floor in the basement. Basement areas are notoriously susceptible to moisture and flooding. But if concrete is in place, water-related problems, such as mold and mildew growth, won’t be a big deal. The same can’t be said for wood flooring or carpets.

Concrete is a safe bet

Concrete is an excellent choice for household floors. It’s a sturdy material capable of withstanding a lot of pressure and repelling vast amounts of moisture. These properties make it ideal for many rooms. Maintain it properly, and it will serve its purpose for decades to come.

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